A hitchhiker. A cavern. A series of murders spanning twenty five years.

Twelve days ago Jim Peterson was a high school freshman whose biggest worry was failing his geometry class. How he's in South Vietnam and joining a war that will cost 58,000 American lives. He's not there for glory but to make up for his cowardice and solve a mystery. 2.4 million men served in South Vietnam. Meet the most unusual one of all.

2018 New York Book Festival Honorable Mention!

Sometimes the line between adolescence and adulthood is erased early.

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Phil Derrick was brought up as an Air Force brat before disappointing his father by joining the Army. After volunteering for Vietnam, he served on the DMZ in South Korea. He is a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Following college on the GI bill he became a probation officer. After disarming a drunk ex-marine of a shotgun on the main street of town he decided there had to be a safer line of work. The result was a Ph.D in Education/History from the University of Idaho and a career change into higher education as a professor and Dean of Students. Later he became a high school football coach (121-60 record) and history teacher.

This enabled him to both coach and teach each of his three sons. It was a great experience despite having his house toilet papered twice.

He has been on the Today Show and been interiewed by Brian Williams NBC Nightly News, but he's also had his house burned down with sixty others in a wildfire.

He currently lives in the Cascade mountains an hour from Seattle and watches the deer pass by his living room window on a daily basis. In his study are more than 1,000 books, none of which his spouse allows outside the room since he otherwise leaves them lying around all over the place.

Philip Derrick

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